Happyhappyjoyjoy; what’s in a name?

The décor is hysterical, the staff are tattooed and the food is outrageous: that is pretty much the formula of happyhappyjoyjoy. The restaurant chain is the result of collaboration between restaurant developers IQ Creative and top chef Julius Jaspers. On the Bilderdijkstraat in Amsterdam they opened their first venue two years ago, and now number two has opened its doors at the Oostelijke Handelskade. As the name clearly indicates eating at happyhappyjoyjoy is a party.

No formal demeanour, no jack-knifing waiters, but simply enjoying the best street food and snacks Asia has to offer, in an organised chaos. And forget about cornering your own dish, the rule of law here is sharing is caring. If you go, make sure you order the steamed Peking duck bun; it’s chopstick-licking good! The place is packed every night, so reservations are necessary. Enjoyjoy! www.happyhappyjoyjoy.asia