About us

Hi there, and welcome!  We are Josephine & Co.

We assume you are curious about us or else you wouldn’t be here, right? We are more than happy to satisfy your curiousity with some fun-facts & figures about our past, our present and our future. We are not the ‘wearing our heart on our sleeve’ kind of brand – allthough we actually do wear things on our sleeve but mostly as a fashion statement.

Have we met before? Yes? No? Not sure? Either way, allow us to introduce ourselves properly.

We are Josephine & Co

Breaking the silly rule of women never revealing their true age, as age is nothing but a number: we’re from 1994. Old enough to be confident about who we are - young enough to bend, adapt, grow and have fun while doing it.

Our founder is Harold van der Mark, who was brave enough to take his independent women’s fashion store to the next level by starting his very own brand: Josephine & Co. Named after his parents (isn’t that sweet) and destined to dress confident, modern, stylish, fashion-loving women around the globe. Yes. You. You fit that description, right?

So here we are. On your desktop/tablet/smartphone. How did we get here? We are proud Dutchies and started out in Utrecht, filling the needs and wardrobes of women who didn’t like to switch hats between stylish & sporty, but preferred to dress in a slick blend of both. Slowly but steadily we grew and when the time was right we moved business & office to Driebergen. But the city stayed in our blood, we live and breathe urban cool. Ambition and a solid fanbase made us spread our wings even wider and landed us in our current hq, located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The newly developed, daring & dazzling Houthavens. If any location reflects the journey we experienced as a brand, it’s this area! Vivid, full of life and constantly developing - creativity and architectural perfection teamed with the raw and unfinished edges of the big-city outskirts.  That’s us 100%.

What do we like most about the clothes we make? First of all, we aim for superb quality. The finest yarns, the smoothest fabrics, the best workmanship. Not deaf to the global cry for sustainability, we aim to choose the most sustainable options that meet our level of quality and sense of fashion. No, we are not 100% sustainable but we live and learn. Collecting karma-points. Just like you.


What do we like most about you? Our dearly beloved customer and (shamelessly kissing up here) Muse. We like your confidence. You know who you are, and you know how to ‘use’  the right clothes to reflect your personality. We like your sense of Zeitgeist. You know what’s hot and happening, you know how to spot the trend among the traditions, and how to obtain that air of modern cool. We like your spirit and your passion. Whether you juggle a job, 2.2 kids, a dog, a foodblog and a craving for citytrips – or whether you run your own business plus a veggie garden, collect 18th century antiquities and love to watch creepy horror movies; you do what you do with heart & soul. So you dress with heart & soul. No matter the occasion. We get you.


What do you like about Josephine & Co? Well. We mentioned that we get you, but we don’t have access to your inner thoughts so don’t blame us for making some assumptions here.

This is how we see ourselves and what we believe attracts you in us.

We understand fashion. We travel, we read, we visit factories and exhibitions, and we shop around the globe. We don’t adopt any odd trend just because it exists; we know what suits you and translate the trends ‘up your alley’.

We know what suits your body. Yes, our designer is guy, but he is a special guy who knows his women and has a trained eye for what flatters the female body (picture his current facial expression, somewhere between professional pride and a smirk). The skilled back-up team hoovers after him to remove any crumbs he may have dropped. Long story short: our fit is impeccable.

We offer long lasting quality with good value for money. Despite our drive to offer pure perfection, we are able to keep our prices at an affordable level. No fast fashion that falls apart in the mere presence of a washing machine, but affordable and durable luxury fashion with a pricetag that reflects honesty and respect for our manufacturers, our design & development team and you.    

Last but not least; we know our classics. Beep - wrong word, thank you Harold. Rephrased: We know our ‘iconics’. Those garments that have become famous over the decades: the true wardrobe staples that every self-respecting wardrobe should contain. Examples? The trenchcoat. The crisp white shirt. You like them, we like them, everybody likes them. But.  With us, these ‘iconics’ always get a modern make-over. Carefully balancing them out between the brand new trendy stuff in a way that enables them to reinforce eachother.

So far we talked about our past and our present. So what about our future? It’s wide open. We are proud of who we are and don’t intend to change our DNA, but we will always keep on developing, adjusting, innovating & creating. Our world ánd our collection. Just so you know it.

Read enough about us? Feel like finally checking out some actual clothes now? We will shut up and let our collection do the talking. It has a voice of its own and is pulling your sleeve for attention as we speak.

So hop - to the shop.


Team Josephine & Co